The palm oil from Africa is a business that has been growing considerably in recent years. So far, this increase has come from multinationals that are dedicated to the exploitation of large plantations to export the resulting product to other countries. This leaves aside the development of the local market and, with it, the development of a sustainable local economy. It is also detrimental to farmers who lose all hope of moving their country forward. For this reason we believe that there is an important niche to cover and develop in the local market that ensures the future journey of the project.



Once we obtained the approval of the communities and the Kono authorities for the development of the project, we dedicated ourselves to one of the most important activities: working with farmers in rural areas. In the Kono region there are a large number of family-owned palm plantations that only use palm fruit for their domestic use. With our initiative we offer you the possibility of working on the collection of palm fruit bunches for their subsequent sale to Palm to Palm. Through this collaboration we offer the possibility of obtaining income to more than 200 families.

The Kono region and its agricultural areas are the most neglected in the country, so the farmers are highly motivated with the project and their collaboration is being essential for its development. It is comforting to see how they get involved by feeling involved in Sierra Leone’s development.

Furthermore, thanks to our close relationships with farmers, we obtain a great source of information and knowledge that help us improve our production processes.

Once we obtain the palm fruit, we transport it to our facilities, to go through the processing phases (sterilization-crushing-clarification) and obtain palm oil. Once we obtain the oil, we sell it in the local market. With the benefits obtained, we managed to pay the soil and wages of the workers and we paid the farmers for their fruit.

After processing the palm fruit, a large quantity of palm kernels are obtained, from which with the precise treatment we are producing an excellent quality soap.

Once we consolidate our soap production in the Kono region, we plan to distribute it throughout Sierra Leone and in neighboring countries, Liberia and Guinea.

Sierra Leone is not our country and we cannot claim to develop it for the Sierra Leoneans themselves. They must be the ones who, over time, manage to get ahead on their own. What we intend is to help them by injecting hope and motivating them through a project that represents a new development path, different and sustainable beyond diamonds. For this reason, once the project is consolidated and, as our workers develop their skills, we will hand over the management of the company to them.