The initiative was born in 2011, with the aim of generating a sustainable economy through small farms. Palm to Palm or P2P, is a social enterprise in Sierra Leone, which is dedicated to the processing of palm fruit to obtain palm oil and soap. The company Palm to Palm is located in Dorma, in the Kono region in the northeast of the country. Kono was one of the regions hardest hit during the civil war (1991-2001) due to being a land rich in diamonds, but at the same time it is one of the poorest regions in the country.

At Palm to Palm we process the fruit that we buy from the farmers since, due to their lack of resources, they do not have any option to obtain benefits from the surplus of their plantations. Once we obtain the fruit, we transport it to our facilities to go through the processing phases and obtain palm oil. Once packaged, it is sold in the local market.

The main objective that the inhabitants of Kono themselves are capable of generating a sustainable economy by promoting development through agriculture.

Always under our objective of promoting the country’s economy, with enough effort, patience and perseverance we are ensuring that everything is developed made in Sierra Leone.

Examples of this are the manufacture of machinery, the construction of the factory (local architect, material, workers …), the installation of machinery, the supply of raw materials (palm fruit), etc. In this way, step by step, we are ensuring that the Sierra Leoneans themselves are participants in the development of their country, making them see that they are capable of doing much more than they think.

The priority objective of the project is to have a positive impact in Sierra Leone. For this reason, we strive to ensure that the impact generated is measurable so that the communities can verify for themselves that the project is working and that it is beneficial for the country’s development. In this way they will be encouraged to replicate the model in other areas and promote the country’s economic development.