Thanks to the production of soap, we are going to create more than 10 jobs, and this would mean an income that will ensure the viability of Palm to Palm.

On the other hand, the purpose of Palm to Palm is to create a social company that is sustainable and self-sufficient through the generation of benefits and the increase of its own resources. Once we achieve this objective, which we plan to achieve in the next three years, we plan to replicate the company model in another area of the country, with a lower “time to market” due to the experience we will have accumulated. In this way we will be amplifying the impact of the project.

After processing the palm fruit, a large quantity of palm kernels are obtained, from which with the precise treatment an excellent quality soap can be produced.

If we consolidate our soap production in the Kono region, in 2014 it is planned to distribute it throughout Sierra Leone and in neighboring countries, Liberia and Guinea.

Sierra Leone is not our country and we cannot claim to develop it for the Sierra Leoneans themselves. They must be the ones who, over time, manage to get ahead on their own. What we intend is to help them by injecting hope and motivating them through a project that represents a new development path, different and sustainable beyond diamonds. For this reason, once the project is consolidated and, as our workers develop their skills, we will hand over the management of the company to them.